Private Jewellery Viewing

Punjaban Diva Studio

Punjaban Diva Studio

What is a Private Jewellery Viewing?

“Private Jewellery Viewing” is a concept where an individual or a group of friends can make an appointment to view the merchandise at the Punjaban Diva Studio.  ‘Private Jewellery Viewing’ is designed to provide our valuable clients an opportunity to touch, feel and try out our exquisite collection of jewellery.

Enjoy a personalised customer service at the comfort of the Punjaban Diva Studio!


What do I need to do to book a Private Jewellery Viewing?

If you would like to enjoy our customised private shopping experience, please contact Gabby Garewal on to make an appointment. Let us know the date and time you would like to view our jewellery collection along with any other specific requirements that you may have which would assist us in tailoring our customer service for you.

The Punjaban Diva studio opening hours and location are as follows: 

  • Viewing Time: By appointment only.
  • Location: Sydney.